BREE Participates in COMTO CITY Internship Closing Ceremony held at AECOM

On July 29, 2015, BREE attended the COMTO CITY Internship Closing Ceremony luncheon at AECOM. This was a special day for interns Alpha Mansary and Temitope Adeniji as they were able to reflect on the several weeks they spent learning in their internship as well as hear feedback from the people with which they worked. As expected, nothing but positivity engulfed the room. Everyone was pleased with their experiences, interns and workers alike. Even Jasmine Narcisse, Marketing Coordinator of BREE & Associates, who stayed in very close contact with the interns providing support and advice whenever she could, had plenty to say. Her heartwarming words about the interns had the whole room holding back tears. Jasmine Narcisse is a former COMTO CITY Intern and BREE & Associates, Inc. hired her as soon as she completed her degree—BREE is a proud supporter and advocate of COMTO and their internship program! Special guest Moishi Moses was in attendance, providing insight about her new position as president and CEO of COMTO, and all of which she planned to bring as well as receive from the organization. She was delighted to be apart of the closing ceremony and learn truly how much the org is impacting the youth. This was also a good opportunity for new intern of BREE & Associates, Quianna Miller to learn about COMTO and what they have to offer. This year’s ceremony was one of reflection and projection, causing excitement for the years to come!